International Association for the Study of Dreams 2014 Psiber Dream Conference Presentation

Beyond Time & Space:
The Transcendent Nature of Dream Sharing

Maria Isabel Pita
Sean Dabbs, Illeana, Igor, Tilly

I have been intentionally dream sharing since November of 2012. My partners and I, who have never met in waking reality, have learned the dream space is “furnished” with creatively symbolic expressions of our thoughts and feelings. Understanding this makes it possible to create a joint dream space, selecting metaphors from the magical bazaar of universal archetypes, much as roommates in waking reality might decorate a house together. In dreams, where our minds touch upon and, to varying degrees, merge with other minds, we have the power to become co-creators by the exercise of intent in waking reality and lucidity in dreams.

Sean and flowofmysoul (Igor, who is lucid every night) live overseas in different time zones, but it has become clear to us that transcending the constraints of time and space is a natural ability of consciousness. Sean regularly dream shares with his eight-year-old daughter, Illeana, who created a beautiful dream tree for them. On the first night we all attempted to dream share together, we planned to meet at the Tree:

January 26, 2014

Igor: Fell asleep very fast… I looked around and created a huge field with grass and one large tree… I summoned only those who wished to share a dream…

Sean: I head toward the tree. “ILLEANA!” I call out to her. I look around and see fields… I hear her cry, “I’m over here daddy!” I fly over to her. She is one-hundred percent Illeana… I look around for the tree, but as usual I’m confused… it starts off that I think I have the right tree, but it changes and I’m just not sure.

Illeana: I head toward the tree and see Daddy coming to the tree at the same time. When he arrives he looks a little confused. I shout at him and shake him, “DADDY!” He seems to snap into it and is “really” with me now.

Sean: “Can you see the tree Illy?” She takes about two seconds scanning the countryside. “There it is.” She points directly to it and, sure enough, that is the tree! “Let’s fast travel there,” I say to her. She replies, “Yeah, like in Minecraft.” We zoom there, focusing on the tree and bringing it to us.

Maria: I will myself to quantum jump from here to the tree instead of just flying. I impulsively try this new “quantum leap” method a few times without results, at which point I begin rising up into the sky…

Illeana: The tree is like it is in real life, not how I built it.

Sean: The tree is magnificent, it is SO clear. It looks like it is in real life, though it is taller than usual. I see the makeshift swing hanging from its branch. I’m about to land next to it when I spot a very strange sight—a man sitting or standing high up on a branch of the tree…

Maria: I’m flying high above beautiful bright countryside. Very soon I see a magnificent tree, so large and tall that its highest branches are almost level with me… A man is standing on one of the upper branches. I fly purposefully toward him, grab the branch, and swing the final distance to him… Abruptly I’m facing what appear to be four people. Only one of them is distinct and speaks but doesn’t seem to hear me…

Sean: We land next to the tree. I say to Illy, “We will go see FS then Maria.”

Illeana: Dad says to me, “We will go see Igor then Maria.” I nod, and we make a portal together. We step through into the void. Igor is there… we cannot hear what he says back to me. We then make another Portal and see Maria… She talks, but we can’t hear her.

When Igor had a dream inspired by a video game, my mind mysteriously reflected it:

February 15, 2014

Igor: I’m walking in a very realistic movie-like environment…

Maria: I know I’m acting in a film, yet everything feels absolutely real…

Igor: The environment looks similar to the game I’m testing, The Elder Scrolls Online

Maria: There is an ominous feel to the atmosphere…

Igor: I climb a hill on my right and find something like a tomb. I see birds sitting and flying here and there…

Maria: I’m standing on a hilltop. To my right there is a black mound, apparently all that remains of an ancient grave… Three birds fly up from the ground and hover over it as other birds alight on the ground beside it…

Igor: There are lots of trees, but I’m looking for the biggest one. Two silhouettes are standing on a meadow close to the trees…

Maria: My sister and I are both clutching long black hooded cloaks around us. Behind us stretches a bare winter wood into which we run searching for a big tree to hide behind, but we can’t find one…

Igor: I appear in a small wooden house. There is a wooden table, and about four people are sitting around it. I am one of them. I can’t see anyone’s face…

Maria: I hurry into a small cottage-like home. It’s dark inside and the only furniture is a wooden table. Three people are seated at the table but they are only silhouettes to me.

A week later, Igor and I spend some lucid time together:

February 23, 2014

Maria: In some sweet spot between a WILD and a DILD, I’m suddenly standing in white space beside a man dressed in black. He’s holding my right hand as though he pulled me there, or as if I pulled him there. I look at his face, which is very close, and say, “Igor?” Our eyes meet, slide away as though against some invisible force field, then meet again. I repeat, “Is it you, Igor?” His smile, absolute presence, and sentient eyes all seem to answer “Yes.” Holding tightly to each others’ hands, we begin walking… Throughout the dream we alternate between communicating telepathically and actually talking… The sense of his presence and companionship never diminishes, but when he is quiet for a time I ask, “Are we really together or is it just my imagination?” He responds, “It doesn’t work that way.” I say, “Of course not. It’s both!” We laugh and keep walking… I feel we’re heading somewhere and ask, “Where are we going?” He says he wants to go to (?) All I recall is that where we’re headed begins with the letter “V”. I wake.

Igor: I fell asleep really fast, and the next thing I remember is talking to Maria like it’s normal, like we meet every day. I’m thinking it’s supposed to be hard, but then I look at her and think it’s normal… I wake with a strong feeling I need to go back to sleep… someone is calling me back. I close my eyes and I’m there. I start talking to Maria again, although most of the time we seem to communicate telepathically… I ask her if telepathy is a more advanced and more appropriate form of communication in dreams. She agrees it is, but the moment we try to do it on purpose we fail. We look at each other and wonder what we’re thinking about… A few times I tell her, “What if this is a dream?” Even though we both know this is a dream, I still ask her that. I want to see her reaction and how it will confuse us. We laugh about it and keep walking… I feel we’re going to a viewpoint to see something nice.

12 Norwich Street

On December 6, 2013, I dreamed I was standing outside a house at night waiting for someone. When I saw a car approaching, I waved it down and for some reason found myself yelling, “12 Norwich Street!” About a month later, Sean emailed me a photo of himself, and I recognized him as the man who stopped the car and joined me in the dream, where we had come together for a purpose involving altered states and exploration. We agreed the address 12 Norwich Street might be a way to specifically focus and unify our intent. The first night Sean and I tried to meet there, we were unexpectedly joined by Tilly, a new member of our group:

May 11, 2014

Maria: I’m conscious of walking down a dark hallway in a house while talking to Tilly, who has, to my surprise, called me… She is communicating with great emotion… I gravitate to a window on this upper landing. The walls and floor are all soft white and cream colors. I sit down in front of the window and describe to Tilly where I am, “On the top floor of a large house…” It’s night outside, but I can see a white sidewalk along which a large and slender black dog is heading in my direction.  Focusing on the full moon, I say, “You realize this conversation is happening in a dream…” After a time, I cry, “Oh my God, a black dog is running straight toward my door and getting bigger and bigger the closer it gets!” I stand up, preparing to fight. “Do you know what I’m going to do when it gets here?” The animal leaps inside. “I’m going to pet it!” I crouch down and for an instant gently insert my hand into the dog’s panting mouth before caressing its long muzzle. I ask, “Do you want a treat, sweetie?” It’s not a killer Doberman but a smiling black Lab.

Sean: I become aware I’m dreaming and take flight. I need to find 12 Norwich street. I feel the street is located in England, so I fly there… I land in a mansion… The interior is spacious with white and cream colors… I walk outside and find myself standing before a small English house and garden fronted by a small wooden gate that reads “12”. I take a quick look around but can’t find the street name, yet I’m sure if I did it would read “Norwich Street”… I head back inside… The dining room is at the back of the house leading to the garden… Suddenly a tiger runs at me from the garden… I really don’t want to hurt this creature, but it’s attacking me… It stops and just stands there, injured.… Then a black dog walks in, a Labrador… I really don’t have time for this… I lift the dog up off of the ground using telekinesis… I slam it onto the floor, and it disappears… I walk around the house calling out, “MARIA! MARIA!”… I see a woman sitting on a chair without arms. She has long dark hair. “Maria, is that you?” I ask her. She looks at me but seems preoccupied. “Yes, I’m Maria,” she tells me. She seems to be in the middle of something. If I had to guess, I would say I was talking to her through her dream. The next thing I know we’re having a conversation… She keeps staring off into the middle distance, and I have a feeling she is focused on Tilly…

Tilly: I’m in a house on a street I do not recognize. I know what it looks like, both inside and out. It is dark outside, and the moon is half full. There is a small wooden gate leading to the front door… Inside… I head for the kitchen… As I enter the hallway, a black dog appears. It is long and slender, but I recognize it as a Labrador. He comes in hastily, soaking wet… I imagine he’s been in the pond I know to be in the back garden… At one point I’m outside in the back garden where the pond is. It’s dark and I look at the moon.  I can’t remember this part of the dream, but it was a deep interlude full of feeling.

moonlight through the window

Like Sean, Tilly walked through a small wooden gate into the house. Sean did not know until after this dream share that Tilly’s avatar is Pink Tiger. The tiger he encountered may have been Tilly’s dreaming mind sensing a strange unknown presence and instinctively attacking the intruder. Tilly and I both spent time looking at the moon. Her “deep interlude full of feeling” was, for me, all about communicating with her on a deeply lucid level. The unifying thread between our three dreams is the large black dog. Each of us saw the same breed of dog, a black Lab, a complete visual synch that ties together the other synchronistic elements. The question is, why did the same dog enter all our dreams? In waking life we all own dogs, and Tilly and I both feel we have been profoundly helped by the unconditional love a dog offers us. It is not such a stretch to consider the possibility that this dog was there to help us by linking our dreams and confirming that we really are connecting in the dream space. But where did this dog come from? Was it sent? If so, by who?

So far we have found:

We can enter and perceive and/or reflect someone’s dream, both while it is happening and after they have dreamed it.

We can observe and/or interact with ‘parts’ of someone (portions of their consciousness) because our greater identity operates within different dimensions simultaneously. We can access part or most of a person’s dreams while various surrounding elements are “filled in” by our own imagination.

Dreaming on different levels simultaneously is an obstacle course we are actively learning how to navigate. For example, other dreams we or someone else is experiencing can sometimes manifest as a television playing in the dream room. If we lucidly remember this, we can either choose to enter these dreams or turn them off and pay attention to the dream we’re in.

One reason a dog keeps appearing in our dreams may be to remind us that our waking thoughts are subordinate to our dreaming mind, which operates beyond time and space and sometimes erects barriers that steer us in different directions, much the way we lead a dog we’re walking. When we respect the dream’s guidance, we are always rewarded.

We must specifically direct our waking intent, and our actions in the dream space, to interact lucidly with each other. It is also essential to give ideas as much time and effort as we feel they deserve. Not following through with clues provided by the dream space but instead flitting impatiently off to other intents, dilutes results. Building upon what we have learned, and adding to that foundation, leads to success.

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