Dream Congregation – A Conversation

Angela I notice that flowofmysoul, Sean and I have all encountered a hill of some kind recently, and that both flowofmysoul and I saw one with a door. And while flowofmysoul’s dream is the only one with a more-or-less explicit religious significance, my dream and Seans may have one as well: Sean saw his in conjunction with a church, and in my dream I was lighting lamps, a ritual act in many religions. Interesting how these elements keep cropping up.

Maria Angela, I agree, but it’s not surprising elements with religious significance are cropping up, since dream sharing is a foray into the realm of the spirit. My last two lucid dreams featured a mountain (a really big hill!) where there was a glass door I walked through, and a as well as a Cathedral I somehow knew was 12 Norwich Street.

I love the way you were lighting all those colorful lamps in your dream. Nothing but good can come of that! Many of the traditional symbolic meaning of lamps – “Individual lives; shedding light in the darkness; remembrance; good works; the gifts of the spirit” – can be applied to the reverent practice of lucid dream sharing.

Angela Maria – Yes, I felt the lamps marked a very good beginning here. In the few parallel dreams I have been able to confirm in the past, the shared element was usually one with religious or mythological significance, so this isn’t entirely surprising to me, either. I might add an additional thought: what we’re trying to do on this site isn’t just a foray into the realm of the spirit, but a group venture, and religion is a specifically social form of spirituality.

For there to be real communication among us, there needs to be shared meaning– which is something that religions have traditionally provided. I’d be curious to know whether a group of close friends with plenty of shared life experience to draw on would have the same thing happen. It could be that it’s our diversity that makes for such profound dreams when we try to come together.

Maria Angela – You are absolutely right, what we are doing is much more than just a foray into the realm of the spirit. I am still guilty of timidity when it comes to expressing how I really feel about something, with the idea it is more politically correct. Thanks for calling a spade a spade! What you say very astutely expresses why Sean saw 12 Norwich Street as a Cathedral, why in my last lucid I knew it was, and perhaps that is why Tilly always feels protected there. In a sense, our group is already a congregation of sorts.

The address 12 Norwich Street came to me in a dream, the dream in which I feel I first “met” Sean, and where we were quickly surrounded by a group of people, all of us working toward the same goal. Upon waking, the first thing I did was Google the address and was presented with the Norwich 12 historical sites, which includes a Cathedral. I didn’t know what to make of it, but just now I Googled Norwich Cathedral, and the first sentence leapt out at me:

Norwich Cathedral is dedicated to the Holy and Undivided Trinity.

Because of your comment here, I was led to this statement, which means more to me than I can properly express in a few words, but in a nutshell – for the past few months, I have been immersed in the mystery of the Holy Trinity, and in how I believe the Holy Spirit has been working in my dreams ever since I began lucid dreaming as a spiritual practice.

Tilly: I am not religious, although I was brought up a catholic, and I understand the community and connection through ritual, which is lacking through other sources in community as a whole. That’s why Angela’s dream was so compelling, the ritual of lighting the Moroccan lamps. Absolutely beautiful. And yes, a very apt opening dream for 12 Norwich Street. And I agree with what you say Angela, these are shared cultural themes drawing us together. I thought of Sean’s dreams straight away, and his churches. Lucid and conscious dreaming is my practice as a whole… And it is true what Maria says, I feel very safe there, which frees up the dreaming mind.

Angela: I was also brought up a Catholic, but only until I was five or so. That was the only time in my life when I was part of a religious community, and I can’t actually remember any of it, but it’s still shared cultural experience, and so worth mentioning here.

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