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This page is dedicated to all those little awesome “failed” attempts at meeting in the dream space. Even when it seems the night is a bust, recording dream fragments can reveal synchs that are good for a laugh at least, and at best highlight a direct communication. 

I remember something else I want to do while I’m lucid, and yell, “Igor!” I fling open the doors, yelling, “Igor!” … The completely white antechamber I emerge into is empty. I make a sharp right turn into a long corridor, yelling “Igor!” again. Almost at once, I come to an area where I notice a few people. I pass very close to a tall woman with dark hair, and for some reason, I instantly sense she can help me; she has an air of administrative authority about her. I stop and ask her, “Can you page Igor for me, and tell him to meet me… Where is the best place for us to meet in here?” The woman replies, “I’ll ask him to meet you in his office.” This catches me completely by surprise. “Igor has an office here? Wow!” As she’s paging Igor, I wake up.

Most of my dreams the past few nights have been about philosophy; I’ve been trying to figure out where we are now, what the next step is, etc. So it didn’t matter what I was doing in my dreams; it was all about thinking, all about my thoughts.

Hmm, maybe that’s why the woman in my dream, who I asked to page you, said you were in your office! :)

Saturday night, I’m hovering between waking and sleeping, when I see before me an email from Igor – which I manage to read word per word – saying he was away, and when he returned home, there was a problem with his internet service provider, he forgot to pay his bill, but he’s back now.

Yesterday my internet was disconnected, I forgot to pay for it, so I went to the closest petrol station paid it and it got reconnected.

This is pretty amazing. A direct communication received in the dream space!

Maria – I had a whole dream about this green woman, and how even though touching her was really bad, she had come to help, recruited by some men in suits, and I kept thinking—How can she have any friends if they might accidentally touch her? I also wondered why, if her skin was so dangerous, she wore such a skimpy outfit. Then again, it made sense she exposed as much flesh as possible. This was all part of some movie I was in, and was also watching at the same time.

Sean – Fantastic sync about the female with green skin! I have been working on many Poison Ivy concepts for a new figure, and it’s pretty much what’s been on my mind all week! 🙂

Igor – I’m looking down at two girls in a pool, and get into the water to have sex with them. One girl is black.

Sean – I’m talking to a woman who says she brought Sleeping Beauty with her. Then I ask Illeana what she brought, and her list includes two crocodiles.

Maria – I’m looking down at two girls in the water, one is black. They are engaged in a sensual struggle, then suddenly they seem to fall asleep, and I’m afraid they will be eaten by two crocodiles!

Maria’s Dream:
I notice what looks like a crescent-shaped information desk nearby, manned by at least one woman in a light-colored, short-sleeved uniform. I walk quickly over to her, struck by an idea, and ask her, “Can you page Igor for me?” She tells me what she can do is send someone out to find him. I look around, considering whether or not I want to wait. The woman then seems to direct my attention to a small domed tent – clearly visible just behind a nearby wall or partition of some kind – because it is a bright striped orange. I get the feeling I may find Igor there, and make my way toward it.

I see three slender dark-haired young men sitting beneath the open tent flap. I say to the one on the far left, who looks directly at me, “Are you Igor?” He smiles in a knowing way. Because he recognizes me? But suddenly his companions get his attention and they talk amongst themselves for a moment. They sound like they’re speaking Russian. The one I spoke to looks back at me, and I conclude, “You’re not Igor” as I begin turning away. With a distinct Russian accent, he calls after me, “Wait, if you want…” I smile and say, “I’m lucid dreaming” as I begin rising up into the sky,

Igor’s Comments:
Last night among my own regular LD’s I had one dream where I was looking for you guys… I was woken up around seven times. I was sleeping with my phone on max volume, because I had people calling me about business, and I had to wake up suddenly to answer. That destroyed most of my dream recall, no matter how hard I tried to remember. Three of the callers were Russian. I remember talking to someone just after I fell asleep, but I cannot recall any details.

Excerpt from Maria’s Dream, February 21, 2014:
I’m driving with Mami in the passenger seat, cruising in the left lane down a straight two lane highway. The day is overcast with a slightly unfocused sepia tone to the atmosphere. I become aware that the school bus in the right lane (a short bus, but very big) is almost about to cross the white dividing line as though deliberately crowding me. I speed up, and get well past it before glancing in the rear view mirror, so I can cross into the right lane in front of it. I’m astonished when I see the bus suspended several feet above the road cruising along as though there is nothing unusual about this. What?! Oh, yeah, this must be a dream! I tell Mami, “This is a dream!” as I veer into the uneven grassy ground dividing the two sides of the highway, almost as though searching for more evidence that we’re dreaming. The ground on either side of the car begins erupting as bullets explode out of it. No doubt about it now, this is definitely a dream! I stop the car, get out, and concentrate on fully materializing Mami inside it so I can open her door and pull her out into the dream…

In the only dream Mami remembers from that night, she was in the passenger seat of a car. The childhood friend she is currently staying with in Miami, who she went to school with for years in Cuba, was driving really fast, much too fast for her to feel safe. (In waking reality, her friend is indeed a rather reckless driver.) The highway they were on was so steeply sloped downward, it was almost like falling, or flying, through the air. With an effort of will, she managed to reach a secret button that slowed the car down. She laughed when she realized that in my dream, I had perceived her childhood school friend as a school bus. She said, “Dreams can have a sense of humor in how they communicate.” The sepia color of the atmosphere was reminiscent of old photos from that time. It seems that because I knew next to nothing about her friend, only that they had gone to school together, the dream space didn’t have many options on how to portray this woman to me except as a school bus!

Tilly’s Dream, April 5, 2014:
With the permission to self, I did call to you, Maria, in my spontaneous lucid dream this morning… I was at the window wondering what to do with my time  and I wondered if I called your name if I would manifest a dreamscape where I might find you there. I was in a little French market square, and all the DC’s were trying to help me find you. I really called your name loudly and this nice DC holding a baguette said you were “just round the corner” (interesting!) I went into a little shop and the lady said, “Yes Maria is here, just out the back” but I really wasn’t convinced… and soon I faded out as it was time to get up as I had an early start, but it seemed very metaphorical… 🙂

Maria’s Dream, April 5, 2014:
OMG! I have a recurring dream, at least once a week, where I am intending to fly to Paris, France. I had it again last night. My mother and I were going together, and I pictured us sitting outside at one of those quaint French restaurants eating. And as I imagined doing this, the dream suddenly presented me with a long baguette! It sort of just appeared before me, floating vertically in mid-air. The air around it was grayish, sort of like void space. I studied the phenomena curiously before continuing with the flow of my dreams. I wasn’t lucid, otherwise I might have wondered about this strange floating baguette and investigated… 🙂

Haha brilliant… I love that this baguette was floating in mid air…I remember thinking in my dream how archetypal it was that this lady was carrying a baguette, just to remind me this was a French market square and no other. The shop was one of those they have abroad that sell everyday goods and also have a patisserie and cafe included so you can indeed sit outside and eat there. I walked past DC’s casual dining as I entered the shop. Great stuff. So confirming.

Sean’s Dream, March 5, 2014:
I was lucid for quite some time before realizing it. In a dark cold old house, home but not home. It was depressing somehow, felt like purgatory would. I was walking around, waiting, I’m not sure for what. I did a reality check by trying to hover, but fell to the floor (though stayed longer in the air than I could have in reality) then did a reading reality check – on an old grandfather clock – success.  I ran outside into the dark garden where an old blue semi-filled paddling pool lay. I flew into the air and shouted “MARIA!” and dove head first into the pool hoping to come out the other side into your dream – but instead I got spat out into the same place, then forced awake.

Maria’s Dream, March 5, 2014:
I’m sitting in an underground cave, on a flat ledge, with a woman who in the dream is my friend. We’re reclining against the back wall of this low-ceilinged subterranean chamber facing the crystal-blue water. It flows toward our ledge and, even as I watch, a wave begins cresting. The color of the water is a pure beautiful blue. Vaguely, I sense a man to our right who is also close to us. We’re there together for some reason, I don’t know why now. He and my female companion are communicating as I gaze out at the water. Suddenly the cresting wave freezes like a DVD that is suddenly paused. I’m astonished by this and try and get my friends’ attention because this phenomena feels important. Then after a few moments the wave begins moving again, larger and heading straight for us. There’s no way to avoid it and I seem to be the only one who doesn’t want to get flooded and wet. I shift my position, crouching, but soon realize there’s really no threat to us…

oh – nice! it seems (perhaps) I may have inadvertently splashed you when I tried to dive into the pool 🙂
yeah, and maybe I saw the wave suddenly stop, becoming like a wall, because there was a barrier of some kind you encountered.
That’s pretty awesome 🙂

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