Meeting in Dreams

Quantum mechanics indicates matter is derived from the fundamental reality of consciousness – all  material structures and processes  emerge from insubstantial quantum “dream stuff” as acts of consciousness creating reality from quantum potentiality. But that is merely one contemporary way of expressing the age old truth of a spiritual, non-material realm. Those of us actively engaging in the exploration of Dream Sharing know from experience that our awareness — our soul — communicates with other souls in the dream space, where we can become co-creators.

None of us have physically met in waking reality, and most of us live in different time zones, yet our goal of meeting each other in dreams  consistently generates fascinating results.

There is increasing evidence that we meet in dreams regularly, whether we can remember the encounters or not. My own experiences indicate that it’s natural to interact with someone in the dream space before meeting them (whether virtually or physically) in waking reality.

A book covering the first three years of our experiences,  documenting our strategies, and the dynamic approach we used to better negotiate the dream space individually and together, is available from Amazon:

Beyond Inception: Real Lucid Dreaming Encounters


Maria Isabel Pita
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Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit

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  1. I am experimenting with dreamspace meetings, the more i explore the more interesting situations develop. This is amazing,

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Meeting in the Dream Space