Awake and Asleep

Maria’s dream of August 21, 2016

I believe I wake up some time early in the night when I hear my sister, Lourdes, walking heavily up the stairs, arrived home from her late night out at a client’s dinner party. Feeling intensely sleepy, I’m a bit surprised to hear her being so noisy, like she’s deliberately tromping loudly up the stairs to wake me up because she wants to talk to me, but knows I’m asleep, so she’s trying to wake me up. Then I feel her standing right next to my bed, and distinctly sense her desire to communicate with me. I really want to acknowledge her presence, but all I can manage to do is reach out toward her with one arm, because I’m half asleep. Then suddenly, she’s no longer there, and I believe I turn over and go back to sleep again.

Dream Notes:

This afternoon, when Lourdes and I were talking, I asked her if she had made a lot of noise coming up the steps last night after she got home. It had occurred to me in the morning that it didn’t seem like something she would do, because she is always so considerate. So I was not surprised when she told me that she hadn’t, of course; she had been as quiet as she could be after she got home. Then I asked her if she had walked into my room, and she assured me she would never walk into my room and wake me up when I was sleeping.  “I did all that in a dream!” she added abruptly, as my questions prompted her to remember her dream.

It turns out that when my sister came home, she really wanted to tell me about her night, but it was past 1:00, and she knew I would be asleep, which was frustrating for her, but, of course, she didn’t disturb me. She ended up falling asleep on the couch downstairs, where she dreamed that she was tromping loudly up and down the steps – trying to wake me up – before she walked into my room and looked down at me sleeping, really wanting to talk to me.

Some time after I thought I woke up and heard my sister get home, I woke up for real, and got up to use the bathroom. On my way there, I quietly called “Lourdes?” wondering if she was actually home, or if I had only dreamed I heard her come in. Her voice drifted up from downstairs, “Yes… I fell asleep down here.”

We seem to have had a shared dream, in which I experienced everything she did, and felt, in her dream. We both thought we were awake while we were dreaming. It’s also possible we had our dreams at approximately the same time.

I wonder if I had realized I was dreaming, and walked out of my room, if I would have seen her in her dream, in which case I get the strong feeling I would have been able to make her realize she was also dreaming.

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