A Dragon Speaks

Maria’s Dream of February 5, 2017

I’m sitting outside in a lawn chair at the edge of a very large parking lot enjoying a clear, unobstructed view of the sky at the end of the lot, in which there are no cars. A small group of people is sitting in lawn chairs not far from me, and slightly to my left, mostly facing in my direction, so they aren’t looking at the large expanse of sky behind them.

I communicate with this group of people, maybe to answer a guy who asks me what I’m doing, or what it is about the sky that has me so intrigued. I describe the phenomena I am observing—a bright white light in the shape of a human robed figure, which captures my attention by rising a little higher into the sky, and then sinking back down again, directly in my line of sight. I tell the group it looks like an angel… It probably is an angel…

A short while later—as we continue hanging out here, and I keep studying the broad and tall expanse of blue sky, in which pale, horizontal clouds don’t so much obstruct the sky as create fascinating possibilities for the living light to take sentient-looking shapes—something else begins forming… This new manifestation is dimmer than the angel and much bigger. I watch, a little anxiously, as I perceive what looks like a beast of some kind. I worry it might be a demon intent on attacking me. But I’m not afraid, and soon the snouts, and the great eye sockets of the morphing cloud—which is the green color of ancient jade—consolidate into the face of what appears to be a huge dragon, which immediately begins flying straight toward me.

It’s broad, massive head swoops down to face me where I remain seated, seriously intrigued and intensely curious as I distinctly sense it isn’t hostile; not a threat. It’s actually pretty incredible, although all I can really see is its great head, which is solid enough to have a mouth and snouts, and great portal-like eyes, but it’s also still amorphous as a cloud.

Hovering only a couple of feet away, it appears to smile down at me as it says in a deep, clearly audible, gently rumbling, almost gravelly voice, “One world. One Feng Shui.” The second half of the sentence takes a moment to register, then it makes perfect sense, and I’m positive that’s what it said. Then the dragon sort of dissolves and takes off at the same time.

As I get on a little white bus with my group of friends, I tell them, very excited, about my friend, Sean, whose daughter, Illeana, has a Dream Guide which often takes the form of a dragon. I feel like I just encountered Illeana’s Dragon!

I had a snippet of a dream last night… A dragon came to me, and I was staring up at his huge green head, and he was talking. But I cannot remember what he said. Yet it seems as though he is reaching out to us; that he is of importance to our future shared dreaming.

Oh that’s great that you also saw him as being green! And what he said is definitely of importance to our future shared dreaming. But for now, it’s pretty great we were both looking up at a green dragon that came and spoke to us! That is a shared/parallel dream!


Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment… The feng shui practice discusses architecture and objects in metaphoric terms of “invisible forces” that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together…

The term Feng Shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English.
The ancients employed metaphors involving the motion of wind, water and fire to describe the activity and power of God’s spirit. So the Dragon basically said:

“One World. One Spirit.”  Or “One World. One God.”

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