Fighting Zombies & Disney Cathedral


I become semi lucid as I prepare for battle. I choose my weapon—a staff with a deadly sharp blade on the top, sort of a combination of a giant razor blade and a straight-edged sickle. I also have another weapon, more like a shield, in my other hand. Now I’m ready! Standing in a white void space, I lift my weapon and armor as the first demon approaches me, a normal looking young man except for the fact that he is utterly dead and evil inside. I lash out with a large swipe, slicing across his face, and from there all is a blur of battle as I cut down a small army of these demons as though harvesting poison wheat; there is red blood everywhere. In the end, I’m looking down at a field oozing with the blood flowing out of my enemies, and I wonder that, even now as they die, they do not turn to God, but seem mindlessly content to join their evil master in hell.


Last night was interesting for me. After being so frustrated with not having had a proper lucid for so such a long time – I read your email, and thought I would try to pray for one. And I had a nice long-ish lucid last night 🙂

In my first dream , I was surrounded by zombies in a warehouse, with the cast of Walking Dead (watched it before going to bed.) I had to find a weapon to defend myself, so I turned to Rick – the leader of the group – and asked him if he could lend me one of his weapons, and he declined! So I had to search on the floor to find a weapon, but they all sucked for me. All I had was a crappy piece of metal.


I become semi lucid again standing outside in a strange desolate landscape, a combination of asphalt and black gravely soil, partially blended with dead leaves rotting into mulch. I’m busy raking, clearing out an area for some unknown purpose. I become aware of a man near me who is essentially doing the same thing, but in a slightly different way. Wondering why we’re both here engaged in this activity, I become aware of two separate antique looking chests—about waist high with drawers in them—sitting several yards apart in what now feels like a mysterious excavation site. The chests are similar, and yet also different, each one unique, heavy, finely crafted, and at least one of them has brass (or some other shiny metal) fixtures. They look like a combination of a chest of drawers and a storage/treasure chest. The man, in his mid thirties or so, nice looking, has ostensibly unburied one of them, and I have somehow, it seems, produced the other one, the one with the shiny metal work.

Me and the man, and a close male friend of his, are now seated at a table. I seem to recall he is on my right, while his friend is on my left. His friend is very animated, and says something I can’t remember now, then mentions something about my companion’s mother…

…My mother comes to pick me up from my hotel room. We walk out into a foyer as I deal with something about the key…


In my second dream, I’m inside a building – it’s like an old office building, all decayed and falling apart. I think I recall seeing filing cabinets and such. I’m sitting with Maria. We’re in a house – but not my house, not anywhere I had been before. Perhaps a hotel room?

Then my mum comes along, and I’m embarrassed that Maria met my mum – Ha! There was an awkward silence, then we talked, and Maria mentioned the Bible…. Some time missing…. An old friend of mine tried to show off some Bible scriptures he’d learnt from the top of his head , because he thought it sounded cool (despite him not being a Christian) but Maria pointed out they were not from the Bible.


I’m flying through a dark city at night with two female companions. We’re being attacked by enemies hiding in wait everywhere, and I’m leading the way as we manage to escape and avoid their efforts to stop us. I gradually become lucid, at which point I fly down to a sidewalk, and we press ourselves against a wall, using a large school bus that is just passing along the street as cover from enemy fire. But the bus suddenly stops, and falls sideways toward us, threatening to crush us, but I know it won’t; there’s just enough space between it and the wall, providing the protection we need to slip away again. My companions follow me back up into the air as I fly parallel with a building, just barely pausing for an instant as we reach the end of the street. “I sense danger from the left!” I inform them, and make a sharp right.

We round the block (except for hidden enemies the city is deserted) and suddenly I notice color in the black-and-white starkness—a large bunched up rose-pink blanket abandoned on an open ledge of one of the buildings. I lead my friends up to it, and we land on a roof top.

Lifting one edge of the blanket, I ask one of my companions, “What color do you see?” I want to test our joint perception in the dream space. She replies, “Blue.” The other girl replies, “Violet.” I tell her, “You are the most correct, because the blanket is pink… It’s like that scene from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty of the Woods where her fairy godmothers were making her birthday dress, and they had a battle with their magic wands over the color, ‘Make it pink! Make it blue! No make it pink!’” I find this very amusing.

My delight intensifies when suddenly, miles away on the black horizon, I see a glowing pink dome, as of a Cathedral, but it looks more like an enchanted Disney cartoon palace! No need to think about what to do now! I take off toward this shining pink enclave, for the central structure is surrounded by lesser but equally magical ones, all a beautiful part of this dream theme park.

We’re about half way to the magic kingdom when I stop in midair, and tell my companions we can fast travel there instead of flying the rest of the way. “Just fix on the spot where you want to go,” I say, “close your eyes, will yourself there, then open your eyes.”

We all look toward a crowded refreshment stand, people milling around on white paths in front of the white counter. To the right there is a short corridor that looks like it might lead to the toilets. Moving on, we spend some time trying to pick a spot to suddenly appear in, but it’s so crowded, that we would inevitably materialize right against someone, and be unable to explain our teleportation rudeness! There seems a short closed little “alley”space to the right of the counter that looks good, but by now we are so close, we simply decide to fly down and walk over to the counter.

I give my order to the man behind the counter, “I’ll have a slice of cheese pizza” and think about what else I might want as my friends give him their order. Feeling lighthearted in the extreme, I look intently at the server and say, “You know, the three of us are lucid dreaming together, and you… you’re just a dream character in our lucid dream.” He stares at me, and I explain, “We felt like having a relaxing night.” Smiling, I gaze over at the shining pink dome of the palace, visible through an opening in the wall behind the counter, and think—A relaxing final part of the night, since the first half was all about battling zombie demons. I wake.


In my last dream, I find myself lucid from a false awakening, and fly out of bed and into a giant city arena, calling out for Maria a few times – but I can’t find her. So I call out for Illeana with a Super Scream, and she calls back to me. I fly to her, and tell her we should go to the Cathedral. I tell her to remember a password just in case she remembers the dream – so I tell her “Banana.” I look at her, and tell her to repeat the password back to me, to make sure she understood it, and she says, “Half a banana.” I laugh – dream space is like talking through google translator! :). We fly through different scenary, and I start to lose focus, so I stare at my hand and bring myself in (saving myself from waking.) I think we’ve arrived at the Cathedral, but it is just a Disney store.

When I wake, I tell Illeana about the banana password, and she says it’s funny, because just before I spoke, she was looking at a picture of Shaggy (Scooby-doo) eating half of a banana!

Sean’s Comments:

Our dreams just seemed to follow one another so seamlessly last night, Maria! How strange! I couldn’t find you, but we still seemed to be part of the same space, the main difference being that when I arrived at the Disney Cathedral, I passed it off as just being ‘wrong’. I should have embraced it! Lots of cool syncs 🙂

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