Mountain Cave

Dreams of January 27, 2016

Sean’s Dream:

Last night I was lucid, on a quest of some sort, although after I woke I could not remember what it was, except that I was heading toward a dark cave to retrieve something. And I felt this weight, this sadness, and I just started saying to myself, “I pray to the love and the God around me.” It took me, it brought me, to the place I needed to go; I could feel it taking me. I mention this because this was inspired by you, and your dreams. I felt some kind of force helping me, but it seemed like It was finding it difficult to really come through for some reason.

Maria’s Dream:

In my first lucid last night, I was in a strange combination of my current home and my first home with a man I felt very close to, so I thought of him as my husband. The house was almost completely empty of furniture, like we had just moved in, and it was sort of dark. I went to stand with him near the fireplace. My little dog, Arthur, was sitting on the mantle. Hugging the man, I said, “I don’t care… All I care about is that this is a dream… All I care about is Love… All I care about is God!” Grabbing his hand, I flew through the window, and began creating the scenery we were flying over, beginning with a great river.

I said, “Look down. See the river? I created that! With the help of the dream space. See the cattle?… I know! I’ll make a castle on a mountain!” First I made the mountain – brown, rocky – and suddenly my companion said, “Stop here!” because he wanted to enter a cave in the mountain. I woke up.

Sean’s Remarks:

Yes, last night I was flying around (I forgot to mention I was flying) toward this place. The cave was on top – toward the top of a mountain! I remember feeling annoyed after I woke, not remembering what I was looking for, and wondering why I didn’t go and find you. Looks like I was with you all along! 🙂

Maria’s Remarks:

I was pretty amazed by my scene-creating powers last night; I don’t recall ever doing that so effortlessly.

I am very glad that in your dream you prayed to the love and the God around you. I know Jesus wants to bring you even closer to Him, and if you call him by name, “It” will “come through” more clearly and powerfully. As long as you continue to think of God as a force and not a Person, He can only do so much for you. But God is always with us.

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