A Better Life

I became lucid last night. To make a long story short, I was given (without asking for it) a hand-written letter by the dream space. It arrived resting on a small table that slid toward me. I picked it up, and did my best to read it. I could distinguish a word here and there, but instantly forgot it. So I tossed the fine white paper into the air, and commanded, “Read this letter to me as an audio.” A chorus of female voices immediately filled the sky, speaking in another language. I cried, “In English!” The voices, sounding like a heavenly choir, began singing the words in English, apparently reading the letter I was following up into the sky. “Louder!” I cried, and grabbing the page, distinctly perceived a large V embossed at the top left, and to the right of it, a white embossed word: “Herscht” followed by small print. Meanwhile, the one phrase I distinctly heard the choir singing was, “A chance for a better life.”

When I woke up, I Googled “Herscht” and learned it is German, “Herrscht”, which means “rules/dominates.” “Es Herscht” means “There is.” Add this phrase to the words I heard sung and you get a complete sentence: “There is a chance for a better life.” This is the second lucid dream I’ve had lately in which I seem to have picked up on the way thousands of immigrants feel about Germany, which definitely “rules” in their minds. I hope the “V” I saw stands for Victory!

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