The King’s Chamber

by Maria Isabel Pita

On this particular night, I was the designated host of a secret location everyone would try to find in their dreams. I chose the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. I didn’t become lucid and make it there myself. The most I was able to manage was a hypnagogic trip, half-awake, half dreaming, where I fast-traveled to and arrived at the pyramid, entered it, and flew up the passageway into the Grand Gallery, and finally into the King’s chamber. In so doing, I saw everything in as much detail as possible. I had also been thinking about the target location for more than forty-eight hours. That, and a heartfelt prayer before bed, seems to have done the trick. Not to mention that I have always loved ancient Egypt and written about it.

Illeana’s Dream:
I found my way to Maria. She described being in a great hall/hallway which stretched on to eternity, or so it seemed. There was nothing on the walls, or on the floor, except a black-and-white zig zag type of pattern.

Maria’s Comments:
Illeana made it! The pyramid is all about eternity. The Grand Gallery leads up to the King’s Chamber, which is  completely unadorned, floors and walls bare stone. And notice how the group of pyramids in the photo below, of the Giza plateau, form a zig zag pattern. This pattern is also the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for water.

Sean’s Dreams (In blue, with Maria’s Comments in black)
I went to sleep thinking of Maria’s place. I called out for it, and got myself into a mini ‘trance’. All I got back was “purple planet.”

The color purple has been associated with royalty, power and wealth for centuries. Purple’s elite status stems from the rarity and cost of the dye originally used to produce it. The Great Pyramid was built by the Pharaoh Khufu, royalty. It is also believed to be, in part, an observatory, a stone telescope aligned to the stars.

Then another far away snippet of us being all birds (I think it was us) and we were having a race.

The name for the soul in ancient Egypt was “Ba” and it was often depicted as a bird with a human head, the Ba-Bird. There are many indications the ancient Egyptians practiced lucid dreaming; paintings of the Ba-bird hovering over a man sleeping on a bed seemed to refer to Out of Body Experiences. It is common knowledge that there were many temples in which physical and emotional illnesses were cured by way of dream work. In ancient Egyptian terms, as lucid dreamers seeking to meet in dreams, were are, indeed, a flock of Ba-birds! And in a sense, we WERE having a race tonight, to get to the secret location.

Then I found myself in part of a story, a man finds himself to be the son of the silver surfer. It is through a room he has visited regularly through the years , a place of comfort, this is where he now discovers his true past.

Silver Surfer is an obvious reference to Astral Travel or Out of Body travel. In addition to theoretically serving as a tomb, it is believed by some Egyptologists that the King’s Chamber may have been used for initiation purposes, which consisted of leaving the physical body – an OBE – in a lucid, fully conscious state. My experience in the King’s Chamber is one I will never forget. There is an energy in that space that, looking back on it now, I have no doubt  I would have popped right out of my body if I had gone to sleep in there! It was almost chilly inside the heart of the pyramid, and yet I was sweating.

We now go back in time hundreds of years, we are on an expedition with a group of travelers. Where this room was is now a sacred temple deep within a jungle. There are so many treasures here that some members of the expedition are starting to steal the items for themselves. I speak up, “That is wrong” but am ignored.

Yes, Sean! The King’s Chamber is in the Great Pyramid of Giza, known to all as a sacred temple/tomb of ancient Egypt. It is common knowledge that most temples and tombs were robbed in antiquity, which is what made the discovery of King Tut’s tomb so special. And there are, of course, Aztec and Mayan pyramid located deep in jungles. I have personally visited both the pyramids of Egypt, and the pyramids of Copan in Honduras, deep in a jungle.

The treasures in your dream may also refer to spiritual treasures, abilities that have been buried by Western civilization which are now being rediscovered – such as lucid dreaming, and out of body travel, once commonplace in ancient Egypt and other ancient cultures. We are recovering these treasures.

There is a village fete going on, lots of stalls and people milling around.

The pyramid complex was the site of regular festivals of joyful celebration, eating and drinking.

I’m in my old parents house, and we are sitting around watching something on TV. I am on the sofa engrossed in my book, something about metaphysics and quantum physics.

The pyramid encodes the mathematical constants for Pi and Phi and the natural logarithm. These three constants play a very significant role in mathematics and physics.

Olivia’s Dream:
I see a woman in a white space, I get the impression that she is hollowing out something like a tunnel in the whiteness… Everything looks white, without depth or any sense of up or down.  I feel aware that the woman is creating a tunnel but I can’t discern it against the whiteness.  She has drawn some black lines, they appear to outline some of the shape of stony outcrops in the tunnel… the total lack of depth, perspective, all that whiteness feels very claustrophobic, and I make a conscious effort to will myself away from it.

The interior gave the impression of being made up mostly of wood and glass, and the wood had a warm tone a bit like beech wood.  There was daylight outside, like the light of a clear day of autumn towards late afternoon.  I was not aware of a view, although there might have been some mountains in the distance (sensed, rather than seen). There may have been some natural stone in the building, dark, like slate.

The feel was one of a modern, sacred, space, and it could have been a place of worship, a church, possibly also used for other (community) gatherings. 

Olivia’s Comments:
The golden glow of the photo below, with its impression of a “high window below the ceiling”, is not too far off beechwood with the sun shining on it. But in truth the stone is dark, more like slate.

The King’s Chamber





The following image produces a similar feeling as the woman carving into the white to make a tunnel – and if inside the pyramid, no wonder I felt claustrophobic.  Interesting that I had this dream the day before.  Perhaps it was not quite yet the time to enter? And I also picked up on the theme of a place of worship, where people gather. Ramp Leading Up to the Grand Gallery

Closing Comments:
These results indicate that the person hosting a secret location need not lucidly create it in the dream space for others to find it. It IS important that we think about the location as much as possible. And in this case, the location is very meaningful to me, as well as to millions of other people, it has much “psychic resonance”, which may have played a part.

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