Fieri Curavit

Sean’s Dreams:
I had a very interesting night. My only intent was to receive information from you guys, and to keep the intent pure. I did not want to give information.

The first thing that happened was that I searched for Maria, and while doing so, I found myself going toward a mountain, getting drawn toward it. This was great. The location we had only just established as our base of operations was already becoming a natural place to go, as happened with Maria yesterday. So I called out Maria’s name, and saw something written on the sky – the initials FC followed by a dash or another symbol. These were written with the clouds themselves. I had the feeling that someone had put them there specifically…

Next thing, I was forced awake. This happened a couple of times—arriving at the mountain but not being able to keep the connection—almost as if once I found a person/shared space, it was difficult to hold onto.

Then a third time I arrived at the top of the mountain, but the mountain kept climbing up and up endlessly, a silly dream obstacle. So I decided I was already at the top. I started to fade out, so I focused on a piece of grass, and noticed that within this piece of grass was a miniature version of what I was standing on now. Trippy!

I continued on and came across my wife, who was wearing oven gloves and waiting for something to finish cooking. I had the feeling this was her, but that she wasn’t really here. I asked her if she knew where Igor or Maria were. She looked at me puzzled and said, “Who?” I replied, “Never mind” and continued on.

Finally, I arrived at a bar/cafe . A lady who worked there approached me, and asked me if I was looking for Maria. My face lit up. “Yes!” I replied. She then led me up some stairs, and pointed Maria out to me, “She’s over there in the blue sweater.” I looked around, something was odd about this place, retro. I walked up to Maria, who was drinking opposite a female friend, and said, “Hi.” Maria eyed me suspiciously. I asked her, “What year is this?” and with a smirk she answered, “1402.” Oh. Huh? No. “What year is this?” I repeated, and she looked a little put out. “It’s1992,” she said. Wow. Okay. I quickly thought of another question, “What’s the name of this bar?” But Maria seemed suspicious of all my questions, and refused to answer any more; she clamped up tight. I then couldn’t hold on to the dream anymore, and woke.

Maria’s Comments:
You definitely found me, Sean! I had many dreams, and I clearly remember saying to a group of people, “And this is the second Sean!” I wondered what I meant by that, and seemed to recall I had seen you before, and so this was the second time we were connecting. But I wasn’t lucid.

When I read this part of your dream, I couldn’t quite believe my eyes:

“So I called out Maria’s name and saw something written on the sky – initials I think “FC” followed by a dash or another symbol. These were written with the clouds themselves. I had the feeling that someone had put them there specifically…”

This whole week, I worked on a chapter in my book Lucid Dreams and the Holy Spirit, which is about a dream where my special Dream Guide—who I have come to believe is my personal personification of the Holy Spirit—wrote on the top of the page of a piece of writing I was to transcribe for him the initials FC. A brief excerpt from this dream and my accompanying notes:

Then He draws me attention to the letters FC, which are distinctly handwritten above the typed text. He explains to me what they stand for, and I quickly assure him that I can easily remember it, and am up to the task.

The one element of the dream I couldn’t make sense of were the initials FC, which my Lord pointed out to me at the top of the manuscript I would be transcribing for Him. Even though in the dream I understood what they meant, when I woke up, I had no clue. Only now, in the process of writing this book, did I venture to Google “Christ FC”. Apart from endless hits for “Fellowship of Christ” one of the top search results was the Catholic Encyclopedia of ecclesiastical abbreviations, which listed F.C., Fieri Curavit, which is Latin and means “Cause to be made.” I feel the Holy Spirit is causing this book to be made, that He is writing it through my dreams, and I am transcribing it for Him.

So you see, Sean, why I gasped out loud when I read this part of your dream. My Guardian Lord, as I always called my special dream guides, specifically put those initials at the top of the page, and you felt they were being written in the sky by someone.

This week I also worked on a dream in this same book in which I talked to my Lord about lucid dreaming at a bar/restaurant. My best friend, Sara, and I have often been together in dreams since she died. The last time I saw her physically, although we kept in touch until she passed, was in 1992, where we went to a bar/cafe beside the ocean. I can easily believe you saw Sara and me there.

Why I replied that it was 1402 is more of a mystery, but in keeping with the Christian spirit of my book, as well as considering the fact that all of us were talking yesterday about life after death, this number could relate  to #1402 in the Catechism of the Church, which ties in with the location you found me in, a bar/cafe, serving both alcohol and food:

1402An ancient prayer in which the Church acclaims the mystery of the Eucharist: “O sacred banquet in which Christ is received as food, the memory of his Passion is renewed, the soul is filled with grace and a pledge of the life to come is given to us.”

“The pledge of the life to come” refers to life after death. Life is Life, and it never ends, there are just different phases or stages of Life. Death is a transition from one phase to another, like leaving the womb is dying to being an embryo as we’re born into another reality.

I’m very excited about our mountain top location. It is yielding fascinating results, and, as you also noticed, pulling us to it, and manifesting in unexpected, highly promising ways. I say we stick with it! Symbolically a mountain top is the the meeting place in the clouds of heaven and earth… it provides passage from one plane to another… on a spiritual level, mountain tops represent striving to attain the highest state of full consciousness. I’d say that was our goal.

I had no idea what FC stood for – so it was pretty cool that it was linked to you!

The dream I had when meeting you, it was like I went INSIDE your non lucid dream, and you were living it, unaware that you were even dreaming. You did not recognize me in my dream because, I suppose, you had not met me yet in 1992, although that doesn’t make much sense since it was a dream. But when you said “1402” it was like you were being sarcastic, like what WOULD you say to someone who walked up to you and asked you the year? It’s a dumb question.

I asked a little girl once in a dream what year it was, and she said, after thinking about it a moment, “This is the year that God made” as if my question made no sense to her.

I’m the least sarcastic person I know. But I totally agree that you entered my dream, which was non lucid, and although I clearly remember your arrival, I don’t remember interacting with you at all.

Tell me, have you ever had a Dream Character walk up to you and ask you if you are looking for someone, specifically the someone you happen to be looking for, and then actually take you to that person? I can’t recall ever having a Dream Character volunteer information about someone and then lead me to them. This seems unusual, and possibly significant.

Absolutely. DC’s are usually very unhelpful. I felt the DC was part of you, and was helping me find you.

But the way information is shared is funny, and I remember thinking at the time that while I was hearing delays (and waiting for your answer) your sarcasm perhaps was actually a ‘weak signal’, information finding it difficult to be sent through. You seemed to be on your guard because a stranger had walked up to you and begun firing random questions at you. That’s why I felt you didn’t tell me anything more. You didn’t look like yourself either, but I felt it WAS you, only a younger version of you, like early 30’s or perhaps late twenties. Nothing to do with the Maria I know now. But it WAS you, I had no doubt of that at the time. And that helpful DC – it was like she was part of you, the older more mature present you reaching out, and showing me a past version of yourself.

Also, it was not my intention to go to the mountain last night at all, but it seems to be a “meeting” place, a bridge where we now can find each other more easily.

I very much enjoyed the dream, it seemed so natural. I was just going in ready to receive anything you might be sending out, going into your dream completely, and seeing what I could retrieve. I would like to do that again.

And I would love for you to do it again! You’re right, I was 31 years-old in 1992, the last time I physically saw Sara. I am really quite amazed by your dream, Sean. And by the mountain top location.

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  1. UPDATE Jan 18, 2016

    Maria to Sean:

    I’ve been re-reading some emails between my late friend, Sara, and I, and when I came upon this passage, I remembered your lucid dream, in which you found me talking to a female friend in a cafe in 1992, the last time I saw Sara in the flesh. It gave me a wonderful chill. Here is what Sara wrote to me, followed by the relevant passages in your dream:

    Your lucid dreaming does indeed
    sound as if you are stepping over
    a threshold to some new sort of awareness.
    I am looking forward to hearing more
    of your beautiful, lucid dreams
    as you span out in them
    to encompass entire worlds,
    both huge and incredibly small…
    Or a tiny patch of grass,
    with drops of dew
    clinging to each blade
    as if therein lay the whole of their identity.

    Sean to Maria:

    Wow, that is pretty incredible!, and beautiful. The depths of our dreams, and our shared dreams are just amazing. The dream was about your friend Sara before I had even (thought I had) found you. It seems that part of your soul was reaching out to show me this.

    Its strange, often times we dream, and we cannot remember, but someone else can. It’s almost as if part of us is already up there, a higher part of us, doing its own thing. Perhaps your deep mind was thinking of Sara that night, or perhaps you were really there talking with her.

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