Lourdes Past & Present

Doing the Right Thing

by Maria Isabel Pita

On October 11, 2014, I had a powerful dream with my sister, Lourdes. The next morning, I emailed her and told her about it:

In a powerful dream last night, I feel I saw what your music career might have been like, and why your soul chose a more quiet path. We were both in our twenties in the dream, and you were in a big studio recording vocals when I called you on the phone. I wasn’t there, but I could see you. I saw you answer my call, and put the phone to your ear, telling me to hold on, while in your other ear you had a microphone. You were trying to stay connected with me even while singing and recording. The female studio director told you to put the phone down, and you did, at which point I felt compelled to enter the studio to speak to you in person. The woman was delighted with your performance, and it was clear her big company wanted you to come back. When she saw me, she immediately asked me if I had any talent, since we made a striking pair, and I assured her I did not. I didn’t trust her. I knew you would make lots of money with her, but that you really wouldn’t be fulfilling yourself as an artist and song writer if you took the deal. But she was determined, and assigned someone to take us on a tour of the place, so we could see all she had to offer. We went all the way to the top, where our guide opened a door onto a large dark space filled with people. We stopped dead on the threshold. The penthouse was a writhing mass of attractive people, many of them having sex, but the expressions on the faces of the women I could see were not happy, in fact, they looked profoundly sad, as though they felt trapped in this hedonistic hell. I pulled you back away from the room, and explained how you could never be happy there, that it was a form of hell on earth, and I begged you to come away with me. You did…

I don’t think you realize how many times I was lured by people like the one in your dream over the years. On several occasions, I said “no” to deals because I knew I would be selling out either my body or my true calling as an artist, which needed to be what it  was and not what anyone else decided.

I had a couple of opportunities to sleep my way to the top, the kinds of things I was offered I did not care about because of the cost, and so it does not surprise me any that you had that hedonistic scene which was part of the recording studio in your dream. Too funny. This is not something that’s going to happen, it already happened! What’s happening now is pure synchronicity with the music. As soon as I realized last week that I need to work with an actual Latin band for my Spanish record, and forget trying to do it with a “white girl”, my current producer, all of a sudden connections start popping up for the musicians. 

My music is still paying huge dividends for me in Europe and all over the world. It’s amazing to me that the last BMI check I received indicated that only 2% of my music was used in the U.S. and the rest was Europe, Asia, the Netherlands, etc., along with most Spanish speaking countries, including many in South America. So the Spanish album is finally going to happen, but it’s getting done organically and in the time frame that it was meant to happen.

I knew the dream was about the past. It’s like I downloaded a condensed dream-film related to you and your career. You see, I didn’t know any of what you just told me, but I saw – felt it – in a dream. Wow. I think perhaps I had that dream now because your right decisions may be bearing a very special big fruit now with your Spanish album. I will pray for it to all go wonderfully well.

When I read your dream, it reminded me of stuff I had completely forgotten about. It’s really surreal that you had that dream, because it’s not just about my music career, it’s also about me living an austere life by choice instead of selling garbage insurance policies. Your dream was also symbolic of how I always choose integrity and my clients’ welfare over profit and dirty money. There is huge stuff brewing that may put me in the limelight, but it will happen because that’s just the natural order of things, not because I wanted, or want, to be famous. Just the opposite; I’ve always cherished my anonymity, which is a huge contradiction to being a performer. This has always been my life’s challenge. When I left music fulltime after so many tough breaks (way too many to count) I decided I was going to be the artist I wanted to be, not a slave to gigs I did not want in order to pay rent.

Doing the right thing in music, and ethically in my insurance practice, is really paying off for me now. The austerity of watching every penny while not giving up, and having faith that I can do the right thing and still not starve, is beginning to work out. I’m saving people from buying garbage products disguised as something else. I’m grateful for my in depth knowledge of this industry, because now I have clients screaming my name loud to all they know… “Want someone you can actually trust and is impeccable with her word? Call Lourdes!” The referrals are pouring in, and even though I still have a mountain of credit card debt, I do see the light finally, and I am so glad I did what I did.


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