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  1. Awesome. You mention that you and Maria had spoken of dream sharing, but one question for me is whether you two had spoken of your waking life situation and the effect it was having on you and whether Maria had set a waking intention for dream healing or whether she discovered this need while dreaming.

    Mario (Maria’s brother)

  2. As Tilly mentioned at the beginning of the Post, I had no knowledge of her previous relationship. I don’t remember if I was even intending to find her in the dream space that night, I just suddenly found myself on a mission! I did not consciously intend to do anything. When I woke, I knew the blonde woman was Tilly. I don’t know how I knew, but I had no doubt, so I sent her my dream feeling I had succeeded in helping her, somehow.

  3. Hi Mario, I was totally overwhelmed when I read Maria’s dream as I had not spoken to anybody much about my relationship issues, let alone somebody I met online 🙂 I was very cautious of entering into the idea of dream sharing, so I was being very protective of myself – in fact, over protective! What was also wonderful about the connection Maria made was that it opened up and deepened our own friendship and connection. As I said, readers would have to trust the sense of release I felt, and how empowering it was. Shortly after I had a lucid dream and looked for Maria in dream space. As I flew above a beautiful sunny canopy of trees set on the mountains, I called for Maria and a mirror appeared playfully floating in front of me! I looked in the mirror and saw a fairy or nymph version of myself with a garland of pink flowers around my head. I looked so happy, and feminine. Of course, I thought as I looked into my sparkly eyes, Maria is my mirror showing me the very best version of myself. 🙂

  4. Just as a very short note, i find it very interesting how when you called for Maria a mirror showed up, in arabic, the same pronunciation of Maria means mirror 🙂

  5. Hi Joseph – That’s interesting, and a fine example of how meanings are woven seamlessly into each other through one object/symbol or event, which can have multiple levels of significance all mysteriously related. Of course, this doesn’t just happen in dreams, but the “poetry” of life can often shine more brightly there. Why that may be so exceeds the limits of a comment box 🙂

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