A Dream We Will Never Forget

When I woke from this dream, I knew I would never forget it. I emailed it to my family, and soon found out it was even more special than I could ever have imagined when my sister, Lourdes, wrote me back. – Maria

September 14, 2014
Stinger and I are making our way out of the house, into a sunny garden, on our way somewhere, maybe out to dinner. As we cross the spacious yard, trees and bushes suddenly begin blooming. After a long time, they all reach that point together. I comment that we came out just in time to witness this event as I start down a narrow long staircase enclosed in glass like a greenhouse. It is lined on both sides with large flowers that suddenly all begin unfurling around me. I pause, stunned by the sight. Just beyond me to my left, the dark-blue and white lotus-like petals of one of the many varieties bloom open with the speed of time-lapse photography, as do all the other flowers. But my attention is caught by a bright yellow flower that has risen and come to life directly before me, and its round golden heart looks very much like a smiling face.

I am surrounded by great unfurling blossoms brushing up against me, literally getting in my face as the golden flower’s pure being sees me recognize God in it, and I experience it seeing God in me, we feel the power of God working, expressing, manifesting in each other. It is not a mental thing, it is a pure and vital recognition of the divine creative power flowing through both of us and everything I can see all around me—the divine force of Life being joyfully expressed. I am caught in a gauntlet of passionately blooming flowers, one of which leans over me like a great sunflower and kisses me! I am being blessed, this is a gift of the Spirit, and the joy I experience is impossible to capture with words. It is so intensely, absolutely beautiful and wonderful, I’m overwhelmed and quickly descend the remaining steps. But I know I will never forget the bright yellow flower and the round smiling little face I glimpsed at its heart and the joy we shared recognizing the luminous power of the Creator flowing through us and uniting us in the infinite eternal Garden of God’s life-giving heart.

OMG. I had a very similar dream years ago. Same place! You articulated most of my dream in a couple of sentences. What I will do is quote the part of your dream that was exactly like mine. It was years ago. But it’s  a dream I will never forget either, just like you can’t forget yours:

“…steps that descend through a narrow glass greenhouse lined on both sides with large flowers, which all suddenly begin blooming around me. I pause, stunned by the glorious sight. Just beyond me to my left, the dark-blue and white lotus-like petals of one variety open up with the speed of time-lapse photography. All the flowers are unfurling at this breathtaking speed…”

The above quote was my entire dream, but amplified ten times over. No words can possibly express this dream. When I first started studying Buddhism, and trying to pull the Lotus flower out of the muddy swamp and bring out my Buddha nature, it was a very hard process for me. Looking in the mirror at first, it was tough to see my reflection, or see myself objectively and more like everyone else saw me. It sucked, and I could barely deal with looking. But the more I polished my life, the more I could look with compassion at my flaws, and that was not easy. I had that dream when I had a huge spiritual awakening, right around the time I wrote Benefit. After that dream, I knew I could overcome anything, and I knew that my spirit was not alone in my journey… It was the most significant dream I have ever had. My mouth dropped when I read the part about the lotus -like petals in your dream. I saw a huge field doing this, but it went from a horrid dull place to a vibrant colorful place just like you described. Thank you for reminding me of that wonderful dream. I think of it often, a dream I can never forget!

Wow. As you may have guessed from my poems lately, I have recently experienced a spiritual awakening like you describe through reconnecting with my Christian roots, which happened after I realized a recurring Guardian Lord in my dreams (what I always called him) was the Holy Spirit. My life changed in that moment. Twice He told me he loved me, breathed on me, and twice kissed me on the lips. No other dream character has ever said the words “I love you” to me. I knew it was the Lord.

I believe, sister, that I took particular notice of the lotus flower in my dream because of your dream, even though for me the flower was a yellow one, tall as a great sunflower. I feel the Spirit sent me this dream reflecting yours to show how we are all truly one in God’s heart, it is not a theory, it is the Truth.

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