Witch’s Broom

 May 5, 2014

Flowofmysoul’s Dream:

My dream last night started in a place that looked like a village. I was observing what was happening from above, moving from one angle to another. It was some kind of nightmare, but not my nightmare. I saw Maria flying on a witch’s broom. Sean was shouting something. It was awkward, because events were too mixed; I had to look left and right. In the beginning, I was attached in front of Maria. She was flying on the broom and I was somewhere in front of her, so I could see her very clearly. I was moving together with her, but I was not on the broom. Then I stopped somewhere in the air and saw Sean on my right. Maria was flying on my left, and a young girl was somewhere beneath me. Maria was laughing as she flew, but Sean was worried about something, and he kept shouting from time to time as he looked around. When I looked back at the little girl, somebody or something suddenly ripped her head off. In that same moment, I was sure this must be someone’s nightmare, but Maria was not upset, and Sean didn’t seem too worried about the girl either. In several of my recent dreams, a voice has told me, “You should be aware” but it was clear I had nothing to be afraid of.

Sean’s Dream:

I found myself in a small village, really just two houses together in a field far away from everything else. I seemed to be lucid, or semi lucid, like I had been here on a trip. In one house there was a father with a little girl. Me and my daughter Illeana were staying with them for a few days. They fed us, and had beds for us to sleep in. Next door there lived another man around the same age who was just as friendly, or even more so. We helped chop some wood, and clean out his barn. After a while, the father we were staying with told us we needed to leave. Not because we were not welcome anymore, but because his neighbor had started to get a special “liking” for us. He wanted to kill us. Out in the field, away from the houses, I stood with the father. I asked him, “Is this happening within me, inside my head, or is this external, a real place?” (It sure felt real!) He looked back at me a little confused, but he understood what I was talking about. “This is a real place,” he said firmly. And this was a dangerous place, that was for sure. I took Illeana with me, back to the waking world, although the other little girl stayed there.  Perhaps they were the same? The last thing I remember is a severed head on a table. There are chunks of this dream missing, I’m not sure where the severed head fit in, but me and a little girl being in danger was obvious.

Maria’s Daydream & Dream:

Yesterday evening, a friend of mine posted this photo on Face Book:

I thought it was so funny, I emailed it to my brother, who loves to ride bikes. I told him that when I went up to visit him this summer, we could ride bikes together, and I would ride this one! But then the image seriously made me begin thinking of the source of the cultural myth of witches riding broom sticks. Basically, it stems from the suppression of women by less enlightened officers of the Christian church, who mistrusted and persecuted women who were seen to be practicing the “old ways,” such as the traditional village midwife in charge of preserving the ancient knowledge of healing herbs, dream interpretation, etc. Pagans sometimes used a rod of power (the now proverbial magic wand) to focus and direct energy. Women who still practiced some of the old ways in secret, fearing for their lives, began disguising their magic rod as a common household broom.

In Sean’s dream, there was a hostile neighbor in the village—many women throughout the centuries have been accused of witchcraft by their neighbors. Little girls who showed signs of growing up fey were suspiciously watched, and were always in danger of being burned at the stake when they grew up.

Women accused of witchcraft were also often beheaded, because it was believed that even though they were drowned, burned or hung, it was also necessary to separate the head from the body so they would actually stay dead.

FlowofmySoul was asleep when I saw the picture of the witch’s broom-bike, and he picked up, with incredible visual accuracy, on the subject of my waking thoughts, at the same time that he saw many elements of Sean’s dream. There is no way to tell, but what happened does seem to have been FlowofmySoul simultaneously viewing Sean’s sleeping dreams and my daydream. Imagine how I felt when I read that he had seen me riding a witch’s broom in his dream! A funny but totally accurate pick up on my waking thoughts.

One of my dreams from last night contained a severed head, a dream synch between all three of us, and also echoed the words FlowofmySoul has heard spoken to him in recent dreams:

In my dream, I came upon a white talking head. It was part of a large white house with really high ceilings. The main hall, and I think all the other rooms as well, were decorated with incredibly life-like sculpted heads. The one I was standing close to followed me with its eyes and said, “You should be aware.”

It was not until several weeks later that I discovered, when Sean friended me on Face Book, that he is a marvelously talented sculptor. He works on a lot of heads, and the images of a man’s head he had just posted that day looked remarkably like the head I had seen in my dream that spoke to me in a friendly way.

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