Standing in Line

March 6, 2014

Papi is with me in what is ostensibly my home. We’re going out together, to eat. It’s always special when Papi shows up… Next thing I remember I’m walking purposefully with someone else—a man on my right who remains amorphous—through a vast white space with multiple levels my brain wants to call an airport, but although it had open “walkways” they gleamed white and with no visible boundaries, and the sense of structure came primarily from a sense of turns and multiple levels often visible from the ground floor level. I’m actively searching for Sean. We’re supposed to meet here. Our swift, purposeful progress is slowed when we come to a short double line of people. Apparently, everyone is being questioned by two officials. We reach the front of the line almost instantly. The tall handsome blond official wearing a kind of dark-gray suit gives me a knowing smile as he secretly gestures us through. I’m surprised but glad. Our eyes meeting is the heart of this dream, a lucid moment, and I wonder now if he was one of my Guides because he reminds me of him. I tell my companion as we keep walking, “He must be working with…” (Don’t remember what I said.) I am compelled to look back at him as we keep walking, searching the open cloud-like space for Sean, wondering, for some reason, if he’ll be wearing sunglasses. Soon we come to a place where, making a sharp left turn, I see another short line of people waiting to get into the main area where the flights are. I detach from my companion then and go stand in the line, but I quickly “go through it”. I’m poised now high up with a great view of a huge open space with at least three visible levels—the far away bottom floor, a middle section parallel to mine, and a sense of an even higher plane above that. It seems impossible Sean and I can find each other in such vast dimensions. But I have sensed his proximity this whole time, and suddenly I spot a man on the ground floor walking toward an “escalator” and for some reason I feel that might be Sean. I keep my eye on him…

Next thing I know I’m in Sean’s house and in his bathroom. I look through the medicine cabinet and pull out a little pill bottle. I open it and see what I identify as some Galantamine and another LD supplement, about six or eight in total. He’s not home but I encounter his dark-haired wife in the hallway. I feel a little awkward about that, and about the fact that I move ahead of her to unbolt the front door and open it so the people who just drove up outside can get in. I think I should let her do that, it’s her house after all, but I really want to get the door open as fast as possible. My mother walks in with my late grandfather. I begin introducing her to Sean’s wife…

Later in the night, I’m standing on a very high up and very large balcony overlooking another level of a huge “glass” building, with hints of coppery gold and orange in the bannisters and the edges of the balcony. I feel a very subtle but distinct dream wind caressing me and begin walking toward the waist-high barrier erected at the edge of the long balcony feeling I can fly, longing to fly. I lean against it, opening my arms, really wanting to do a reality test by leaping off the balcony, but if I’m not dreaming I will plummet to my death, so reluctantly I back away because gravity feels perfectly real so I must not be dreaming. Ugh!

Thanks for the dream recap and trying to find me!

I had two dreams last night which resonate well with the dreams sent me:

1st dream:
I am in an open place, walking out of a building, we are all lined up waiting for somebody to come out – a famous person? I’m not sure. It’s like we are waiting for the queen. The line extends quite far in each direction, I am standing with a friend (I don’t recall who) and opposite me another line (perhaps at the other side of the walkway/path) in the line I spot Lucy. She has a new hair style, she looks different again -but I still feel the same. My stomach tightens and I get that weird sensation. I think to myself, if this was a dream I would just walk right over to her (or perhaps I think, because this IS a dream I should) so I take my dog with me and walk over to her saying to myself I will get myself some ‘Lucy time’ (whatever that means). I say hi, and she says hi back a little taken aback by why I am here – but then my dog pulls around and I need to go and tie him up and come back, but I wake.

2nd Dream:
I am in my house, a bunch of people are here with me helping us to move house . My stepfather is here, he makes some kind of snide comment at the removal company then backs down when the guy confronts him. People are milling around, we get a delivery for a new pushchair – they have to back the truck into the house – through the front door, which I find highly unnecessary. Some other stuff happens – can’t really recall

– my wife has dark brown to black hair!
– I do keep Galantamine in my bathroom in the cabinet, although we don’t really use if for medicine (more bathroom type bottles of stuff) so it’s funny that you picked up on that

The first dream about the line of people seemed like a good hit! Seems like we had the dreams in the same order – first with the line of people, then in my house.

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