Buried Energy

February 27, 2014

Maria’s Email to FlowofmySoul the day before: Next time I find you in a dream, I want to focus on traveling to the healing/energy pool and on what you are perceiving vs. what I am perceiving.  I am going to combine the desire to merge my dream space with yours with my desire to find our pool of power. 

Maria’s Dream:

I’m riding in a jeep-like vehicle with two men, one of whom is driving. I get the sense we’ve just reached the summit of an almost impossibly high mountain. We’re off-road and the terrain is pitted with circular craters nearly as big as our vehicle, and there are so many of these craters there really isn’t any way to drive around them. The surface we veer swiftly across is lifeless and yet of a different consistency from desert sand; it looks more like the moon’s surface. The driver makes a sharp left and pulls up onto a narrow, slightly angled ledge, parking right next to the steep edge.

We climb out and eagerly hurry up to a platform of sorts overlooking a large crater that is shallower around the edges than the center, which is lost in darkness. There is some kind of control panel up here. One of the men leans over it for a moment, as though inspecting it or pressing some buttons. He then turns around so his companion can photograph him standing there. I have somehow attached myself to them and brought myself along for the ride, and since I’m there, I also strike a pose, grinning happily at the camera. As I do so, I can see what I look like—I’m wearing dark sunglasses and a hat over a jacket and pants, like it’s cold there.

We are totally elated to be here on this freshly constructed set of an upcoming and already groundbreaking science fiction production. It’s incredibly special to be the first ones to reach it. I become fully aware then of what lies a few yards below us on an inner edge of the crater—a black pillar. Its surface is smooth and somewhat shiny, but it is not polished marble or any other easily recognizable material. It is a little taller than a person and about two or three times as wide and not very thick, so it’s more like a rectangular slab than a pillar. Yet to me it also evokes an obelisk. I tell the man with the camera (annoyed I don’t have my iPod so I can take my own pictures, and I should have it handy because I brought it to bed with me) that I want him to photograph me in front of that pillar. “That’s the money shot!” I say and run ahead of him down a curving ladder-like flight of wooden rungs temporarily erected like scaffolding around this rendering of an archaeological dig and the discovery of a mysterious source of great power. The crater is lined with black pillars, although I somehow know this more than I see it, as if many of them are still buried.

As I stand in the crater looking up, waiting for the man with the camera to join me, the wooden ladder-like steps—which from this angle I realize look just like a curved strand of DNA with its tell-tale rungs—begins collapsing. Apparently my swift eager passage across them has exposed some weakness in the construction because the rungs begin disconnecting from the two sides. Nothing breaks, all the material is still there, but it will have to be reconstructed, properly this time, so it is as strong and stable as it should be. I lose the dream.

FlowofmySoul’s Lucid Dream:

Last night I was looking for you in my dreams, when I moved to some place, it was in the middle of nowhere in open nature, it was dark there, but the moon was very bright and I could see well.

I felt your presence and I thought that it was you trying to find the pool. I looked around but saw no pools around, did not see anything strange at first.  I looked around and this place that seemed somewhere high in the mountains, there were some trees not far from me, huge rocks around, but I was standing on the ground and not on a rock. I looked down and saw something like a burst of energy coming from the ground. It was exactly under me, I did not notice how it moved inside me, and part of it was flowing through me. Colors of the energy were mostly blue-white, sometimes shimmering to green. This energy felt very cold and at the same time it was filling me with more power. I thought I must try out what it gave me. I moved to a random place where I had to fight a guy who I fought a few weeks before in my dreams. The fight was really easy this time and I felt I didn’t need to hurt him because he can’t do anything.

During my second sleep I went back to the conference of future times where I saw those cylinders, and I came to the conclusion that they were power sources. I remembered how a man at the conference told me that one cylinder can supply power to half the planet, and that is just a beginning, a first step to evolution.

Don’t know why but in my dream I had a strange idea that instead of trying to contact each other while sleeping, we have to try contact each other while being awake. It was some kind of conversation with somebody I could not see, more an exchange of thoughts than a conversation. When I thought about why we have to do it while we are awake, in response I got something like this:

“Because we are making it more difficult, more complicated when trying to contact each other during sleep. Contact during sleep must be used for something more advanced and distant then contacting some one who can be easily contacted during the waking state.”

Then somebody else – it was very clear it was not the same mind that answered me the first time – addressed both me and the person who had first replied to me:

“Maybe because there is less interference when they are dreaming, there is less noise and they can focus better. I suppose the first steps have to be done while dreaming.”

I stepped out of the conversation at that time. I was trying to understand the meaning, trying to stay focused. Their last thoughts were:

“I suppose they are on the right track, but they have to understand that the waking mind is not worse/weaker than the dreaming mind, they do not have to separate them.”

I did not clearly understand what they meant, but it was something to the effect of:

“It should be a straight line, dreaming and awake, it should be one whole, it should be a straight line (repeated).”

When I woke up from the second sleep I could not understand whether it was my communication with my own subconscious mind or if I was communicating with somebody else. Clearly they were trying to help.

Maria’s Comments:

It seems I interacted with those same two men last night. There are definite synergistic elements between our dreams, at the heart of which was a mysterious source of power somehow related to DNA and human evolution. I saw a lunar-like crater on top of a mountain, which relates it to my concept of a lunar healing pool. You found yourself in open nature high in the mountains, which pretty much describes where I live in waking reality. The huge rocks you saw seem reflected by my black pillars, both of which surrounded an unknown energy source, active in your dream, still buried in mine.  I feel the upcoming production me and my companions were anticipating relates to the abilities we and other dreamers are on the verge of discovering, or rediscovering, a means of communicating that transcends time and space. The two men I was with had a right to be there; they were somehow involved in the project.

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